Watch this space for upcoming events where you can meet Raymond.

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The monthly programs of DANN & RAYMOND’S MOVIE CLUB have come to a close (see the Statement below). However, DANN & RAYMOND’S MOVIE CLUB will periodically appear for special one-off events at various locations. Watch this space!


No events scheduled at this time.


For well over a year, we (Dann and Raymond) have been asking ourselves a question: How long can we continue to do our monthly multi-location Dann & Raymond’s Movie Club programs before we turn into a parody of those two snarky old Muppets in the balcony, Statler and Waldorf? After much deliberation, we’ve concluded that we should end our spectacular sixteen-year run prior to that moment.

So, with mixed emotions, we will gradually bring our monthly Dann & Raymond Movie Club programs to a close by year’s end.

Our contract with the Schaumburg Library concludes in May, so May 4 will be our last show there.

Our contract at the Arlington Heights Library concludes in December, so we’ll continue the monthly programs in the fall… but Dec. 14 will be our last show there.

Likewise, at the Palatine Library, Dec. 13 will be our last show there, after our regularly scheduled appearances on June 14 and Oct. 11.

We love that we’ve been able to share our joy and knowledge of the movies with you, and for that, we are humbled and appreciative. We are truly grateful for your support, especially to you serial attenders who repeatedly showed up to hear us crack wise and finish each other’s sentences.

But, in the words of Monty Python, we’re not dead yet. We will likely pop-up in various venues here and there around Chicago in special movie-related programs as the opportunities permit.

Meanwhile, know that we love you all and that, for us, you will always be members of the Movie Club.

Dann Gire & Raymond Benson